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This page will allow you to link to records of the Competitions that have been organised by the Swansea and District Table Tennis League.


Divisional Champions Season 1981/82 to current

Team of Three/Tudor Jones Cup 1980/81 to current

Challenge Cup 1988/9 to 2004/05


Men’s Singles & Men’s Doubles 1970-71 to current

Ladies Singles & Ladies Doubles 1970-71 to current

Mixed Doubles 1972/73 to current

Veterans Singles 1972/73 to current

Ladies Restricted 1972/73 to 1999/2000

Men’s Restricted 1972/73 to 2005/06

Restricted Open 2006/07 to current

Hard Bat 1971/72 to current

Men’s Consolation 2002/03 to current

Cadet (Boys) Singles 1973/74 to 2005/06

Cadet (Girls) Singles 1996/97 to 1999/2000

Cadet (Mixed) Singles 2006/07 to current

Junior (Boys) Singles 1972/73 to 2005/06

Junior (Girls) Singles 1979/80 to 1999/2000

Junior (Mixed) Singles 2006/07 to current

Junior Doubles 1975/76 to current

Intermediate 1988/89 to 1999/2000

Under 11 (Mixed) 2003/04 to current

Under 12 Boys 1988/89 to 2002/03

Under 12 Girls 1995/96 to 2002/03


Under 13 (Mixed) 2003/04 to current


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Whilst you are checking the data out, have a look for:

- a person’s first or last name that’s wrong!

- a first name you know instead of an initial!

- a club name that is wrong or missing!

- a Runner-Up name and club name that you know that is missing!

If you see any of these, why not send the correct information to the Chairman to help make

these pages the most up to date and correct versions we can make it.

[Use the contact page or a normal email to send your information].


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