Swansea & District Table Tennis League

Affiliated to Table Tennis Wales and the Glamorgan Table Tennis Association

Designed by Stan Eastwood

for the Swansea Table Tennis League

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Swansea AGM 2013

Swansea AGM 2012

Swansea AGM 2009

Swansea Closed 2011

Swansea AGM 2009

Swansea AGM 2010

Swansea AGM 2010 Swansea AGM 2012

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Team of Three 2011

Team of Three Final 2011

Swansea AGM 2014

Swansea AGM 2014 Swansea AGM 2015

Swansea AGM 2015

Team of Three Final 2015

Team Of Three 2015 Swansea Closed 2011

Swansea Closed 2017

Team of Three Final 2017

Swansea Closed 2017 Swanse AGM 2013

Team of Three 2016

Team Of Three 2016 Team Of Three 2017

Swansea AGM 2017

Swansea AGM 2019

Lara Whitton and

Grace Clement

receive their sponsorship

monies for their

trip to China.

Photo - (L to R)

Dennis Bromage (Prem. Sec.)

Lara Whitton

John Davies (Treasurer)

Grace Clement

Roy Towell

(Coach Penlan)

Swansea AGM 2018

Memorial Cup Final 2018

Memorial Cup 2018

Swansea AGM 2019

Memorial Cup 2019

Memorial Cup 2019 Swansea AGM 2018 Memorial Cup 2019 Swansea Secs 2021

Swansea Sec’s 2021

Welsh Closed 2022

Welsh Closed 2022 Heri Cup 1970

Henri Cup

Last awarded in 1970

To Stuart Davies