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21St May 2022

All League Matches now played and ‘end of season’ attained.

The end of session for the Swansea League has arrived.  All matches that could effect Promotion or Relegation have been played and an end to the Season called.

Congratulations to the Divisional Winners (Penyrheol A (Premier Division) and Penlan ‘C’ (First Division).

Congratulations also to Penlan C and Penlan D (First Division for winning promotion to The Premier Division next season.

Commiserations to Port Talbot Gas ‘B’ (12th) and Cam Gears ‘B; (11th) who will be relegated to the First Division next Season.

5th March 2022

Medal winners at the Welsh Closed

Swansea League had multiple medal winners in the recent Welsh Closed.  To the right (bottom) is Lara Whitton and Harri Docherty taking the Winners medal.  Right top is Catherine Jones taking the Over 40’s Winners Medal.

Below is Laura taking the Winner spot in the Singles.

{Scroll down for more pictures or click here].

Below Harri Docherty takes a 2nd Placement medal.

Below  are Dave Lloyd and Dennis Bromage taking a Third Place medal.

19th January 2022

COVID Regulations Removed

Resent COVID restrictions which limited Groups to 30 have been removed by the Welsh Government. This will mean The Premier Division and Carmarthen, Penyrheol and Penlan Clubs can, again, go back to normal sessions.

15th January 2022

COVID Regulations hits Clubs and Premier Division

The new COVID restrictions have hits some Clubs that have more than 30 attendees.  Clubs will have to work within the new Regulations for the foreseeable future.  It is hoped that the Regulations will be lifted as soon as possible.

It has also disrupted the Premier Matches held in Morriston Leisure Centre on a Wednesday Evening. Because there are 12 Teams in the Hall (a minimum of 36 Players) Dennis Bromage, League Organiser, has taken steps to get some Teams to Play within their own Clubs where possible. This means weeks where Clubs have a ‘Derby’ Match (Carmarthen, Cam Gears and Penlan) will be played first and weeks without such matches will be played later in the season when the new Regulations are relaxed.

Accordingly this week (11th Jan 2022 - Week 10) will see Week 11 Matches played.  Next week (19th Jan) will see Week 15 Matches played.  If, as is hoped, the New Restrictions are relaxed on Friday 21st then next week will see the Premier Division try to return to normal play.

3rd January 2022

Welcome back as League Matches resume this week

A Happy New Year and welcome back to you all as matches restart under the new COVID Regulations which restrict indoor groups to 30.

This will effect Clubs across the League although some have use of their facilities over a number of evenings and are not effected as much as those that meet on only one evening per week.  Included in the group effected by the new Regulations are Carmarthen Club, Penlan Club, Penyrheol Club and the Premier Division.

Dennis (Bromage) will arrange for some Premier Division matches which have two teams from the same ‘Club’ to play their matches at their Club venues (numbers and opportunity permitting).  This arrangement will continue for the duration of the current COVID Restrictions.

18th December 2021

League Matches finish for Christmas

League matches have now finished for the Christmas New Year Break with them due to restart week commencing 3rd January 2022.

The League Chairman and Management Committee wish you all a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and hope you all stay safe.  See you soon.

31st August 2021

No League Matches this week

With this week being scheduled for Cup Matches and these being suspended until Season 2022-23 there are no League Matches officially this week.  However, a few Clubs have used the free week to bring forward matches that may have caused them some problems in the future.  Normal service will resume on Monday8th November 2021.

24th August 2021

Death of Andrew Jones

It is with sadness that we report the death of Andrew Jones.  Andrew was a well known and respected player for many years in the Swansea League.  He played in the Premier Division and won it many, many times.  

Our condolences got to his family and friends.

24th August 2021

League Results now being published.

With 3 weeks of play now completed Divisional Results have now been published on the Results page of this website.

October 2021

League successfully started

Following the decision to have just 2 Divisions (Premier Division and 1st Division) the League will officially start week commencing the 4th October 2021.  There will be 12 Teams in the Premier Division and 13 Teams in the 1st Division.

August 2021

League to restart

With COVID restriction lifted the League Management Committee have agreed to re-start the Swansea Table Tennis League for Season 2021/22.

However, problems have arisen due to the slow take-up by teams.  This Season will have just 25 Teams playing rather than the usual 35 or 36 Teams.

The Handbook for the Season is now available on the Competitions Page.

10th August 2020

Some Club facilities to reopen

Here we go again!  The Welsh government are permitting Clubs and Leisure Centres to open from the  3rd May 2021 (2nd time around).  However, some Leisure Centre are not yet ready for this.

Club Leaders are looking to re-open their Clubs as soon as possible but it will be down to the individual Leisure Centre as to wether they start on the 3rd May.  All Clubs will still have to abide by the appropriate COVID19 recommendations around limits to player numbers (Max 15 per session) and about social distancing, wearing of masks and cleaning régimes being enforced.

23rd  April 2021

Death of Brian Gabriel

It is our sad duty to report the death of a long standing Vice President Brian Gabriel.

Brian became active within the Swansea League when he first supported his son Michael who was then wanting to play Table Tennis.  Over the years, Brian has been the Premier Division Administrator and has represented the Swansea League with in Table Tennis Wales.  He was also the League Chairman for a number of years.

Our condolences go to his wife Val and his son Michael along with all the other extended Members of his Family.

13th February 2021

Death of Tommy Hammett

It is our sad duty to report the death of a long time supporter of the League, Tommy Hammett.

Tommy was an exceptional player and introduced his daughter to the game. He was also an excellent Leader in both ‘The Friends of the Young Disabled’ and later Captain of a Team playing out of Town Hill.

Our condolences go to his wife and immediate family and all his extended family.

10th August 2020

Some Club facilities to reopen

With the Welsh government permitting Clubs and Leisure Centres to open from the 10th August, some Club Leaders are looking to re-open their Clubs but with the appropriate COVID19 recommendations around play being enforced.

Within our League we have been informed that:

Betws:  They do not currently have a ‘Club House’

Carmarthen:  No facilities available - Carmarthen Leisure Centre currently remaining as a ‘Field Hospital’

Cam Gears:  Their premises have reopened but the ‘Club’ is restricted to ‘Members of the Social Club’.  So, no competition play as yet.


Jerusalem BC (Britton Ferry) - no current news.

Port Talbot Gas:  Currently waiting for confirmation of their status.

Penlan:  Looking to reopen soon but with restrictions around table usage and player safety.  No League Competition available.

Penyrheol.  Looking at possibility of reopening the Club but no date as yet.

What is clear, is that as Clubs reopen they will be subject to Health and Safety requirements around COVID19.  Its is therefore advisable to contact  your Club Leaders before attending a Club Venue.

13th July 2020

Joe Nugent (Port Talbot Gas ‘C’)

Its our sad duty to inform you of the death of Joe Nugent. Joe was a long standing player with Port Talbot  and died un-expectantly today.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

27th March 2020

Mike Towell (Betws)

Its our sad duty to inform you of the death of Mike Towell. Mike had been ill for some time.  

Our condolences and best wishes go to his wife Linda, Son Colin (also a Swansea League/Penlan Player) and daughter Karen.

Mike had played for over 50 years in Clubs or Teams such as Southside Scout Hall, Dyffryn Club, Waunarlwydd Rugby Club, Ammanford Welfare and, latterly, Betws.

Mike will be sadly missed by many.  No details have been given for the funeral but in this difficult time it is likely that only immediate family will be able to attend.

19th March 2020


Members of the Management Committee have continued to monitor the situation with respect to the Corona Virus and have issued a second Statement (see top right of this page).  All League Fixtures are now suspended for an indefinite period.

Many Clubs are also closing or severely curtailing their Club Sessions. Please speak to a Club Leader (see Clubs Page) for details of a specific Club although we already know Carmarthen has closed following the closure of the local Leisure Centre.

11th March 2020


Members of the Management Committee have considered the current situation with respect to the Corona Virus and issued a Statement (see top right of this page).  However, it is likely that the current thoughts and position will change as the virus progresses through the UK.

As a consequence, the SWANSEA CLOSED due at the end of March 2020 has been cancelled.

22nd February 2020

Memorial Handicapped Knockout Draw - Semi Final Draw now available

The Draw for the Semi Final of the above draw has been published and is available on the ‘Competitions’ page.  

24th January 2020

2020 Swansea Closed Tournament

The arrangements for the Swansea Closed 2020 Tournament have been made and it has been agreed that it will be held in Swansea University on the: 28th March 2020.  You can download a copy of the Entry Form from the ‘Competitions’ page on this site.  Entries must be made by the 13th March 2020.

10th January 2020

Memorial Handicapped Knockout Draw - Round 3 Draw now available

The Draw for the 3rd Round of the above draw has been published and is available on the ‘Competitions’ page.

The Competition is down to the last eight Teams from 4 Clubs - Carmarthen (2), Cam Gears (1), Penlan (4) and Penyrheol (2).

Good luck to all of them.

20th October 2019

Memorial Handicapped Knockout Draw - Round 2 Draw now available

The Draw for the 2nd Round of the above draw has been published and is available on the ‘Competitions’ page.

23rd October 2019

Memorial Handicapped Knockout Draw

The Draw for the 1st Round of the above draw has been published and is available on the ‘Competitions’ page.

19th October 2019

Weekly Report

The second week ‘Weekly Reports’ for the 2019/20 Season is now available on the  ‘Results’ page.

7th October 2019

The New Season has started.

 The new 2019/20 Season has started today and match reports and scores will follow shortly.

27th September 2019

New Season about to begin

 The new 2019/20 Season is to start on week commencing 7th October 2019.  Home matches for Division One and Two start on that Monday and play throughout the week.  Matches for the Premier Division will all take place on Wednesday the 9th at Morriston Leisure Centre (visitors/spectators are welcome)

23rd September 2019

Port Talbot have a new home.

Port Talbot Table Tennis Club have a new home for Season 2019/20.  They will be located at the Gas Welfare Club, Newbridge Road, Aberavon. SA12 6BY.  Their new name is Port Talbot Gas Club.

12th March 2019

Port Talbot ‘A’ win the 1st Division, and

Penyrheol ‘D’ win the 2nd Division.

Port Talbot  'A' have been confirmed as the winners of the 1st Division with Jerusalem Baptist Church taking the 2nd place.  They will now be promoted to the Premier Division for Season 2019/20.  Joining Cam Gears ‘B’ in the 1st Division will be Penlan ‘D’ following Carmarthen ‘C’s match with Cam Gears ‘A’ in which Carrnarthen ‘C’ gained sufficient points to stay up.

In the 2nd Division, Penyrheol ‘D’ have taken 1st place and will now join the 1st Division along with Penlan ‘L’ who have taken 2nd place.  Joining the 2nd Division next season will be Port Talbot ‘C’ and Penlan ‘G’.

12th March 2019

Penlan ‘A’ win the Premier Division and the Double             (Cup and Premier Division)

It was never in doubt that Penlan 'A' would win the Premier Division for the 2nd year in a row; the only doubt was by how much.  However, they treated Carmarthen 'C' to a spectacular show of power by beating them 30-0; Marc Castro, Jarrett Zhang and Josh Morgan all winning 9-0.  The closest Carmarthen 'C' came to any points was in the doubles with Tim Evans and Stan Eastwood coming close in the first leg 14-16 and second leg 9-11. After that it was a 'down-hill battle' for them.

Second place Penlan 'C' met bottom of the table Cam Gears 'B' and beat them 29-7; Ben Mora scoring 9-0 and Jacob Young 9-1 for the winners.  Cam Gears 'B' are confirmed as returning to the First Division for next season.

Betws 'A' are confirmed in third place after beating Cam Gears 'A' 22-19 despite Morgan Siddley gaining 8 points for the losers.  Kevin Gertsen won 9-3 and Cath Jones won 9-4 for the winners in a close fought match.

Penlan 'B', now in 4th place met Penlan 'D' who were in a relegation spot last week but are now in 10th place.  Penlan 'B' took the game 26-8 with Lara Whitton winning her matches 9-0.  Best for Penlan 'D' was Grace Clements who took 5 points for her side in a hard-fought match as they sought to gain as many points as possible because Carmarthen 'C' still have a game in hand (see above).  Carmarthen 'C' must now gain at least 6 points in their match with Cam Gears 'A' to avoid the second relegation spot in the Division.

Carmarthen 'B' came 5th in the Division with their win over a weekend Penyrheol 'A'; Carmarthen 'B' winning 28-7 with Regina Grech winning 9-0 for her team.  Carmarthen 'B' are claiming the 'A' team name qualifier must now be theirs for next season!

Carmarthen 'A' came 6th in the Division beating Penlan 'E' 29-8 with Ben Packer-Jones winning 9-0, David Lloyd 9-2 and Micky Marsh 9-3.  The only blip in Carmarthen 'A's score-line was when Jake Colman and Cameron Avris beat Ben Packer-Jones and Simon Packer 3-2.  For the losers Cameron was their best on the night.

12th March 2019

Penlan ‘A’ win (just) Memorial Cup 2019

Penlan A narrowly beat Penlan J (+14 start) in an exciting and close run match on Friday night.  Steve Homes won 6-1 overall his matches for the losers which caused major upsets in the Penlan ‘A’ side.

Going in to the final ‘official’ game of the evening the score stood at 10-10 which meant that there was all to play for, for both Josh Jenkins and Cai Llewellyn.  Cai took the first leg, making some remarkable smashes against Josh.  Josh took the second leg, just holding Cai off with a 20-20 score-line before taking the leg 23-21. In the final leg of the night the sore crept inextricably towards 21 with Josh, just, getting there first.

Congratulations to all the players, playing their part in an exciting final and a must watch game.

6th March 2019

Port Talbot Table Tennis Club

Port Talbot Table Tennis Club, previously known as TATA Port Talbot Sports and Social Club, has lost its home.  Following some changes to the venue table tennis cannot currently be played in the Social Club.

All Teams are currently seeking venues to be able to complete their home matches (away matches should remain as per the handbook.

Any Teams with ‘away’ matches to be played at Port Talbot should, urgently, contact the Team Secretary to agree rearrangement details.

6th February 2019

Roy Towell

We are sad to report the death of Roy Towell, Club Leader of Penlan Table Tennis Club, Penlan, Swansea.

Roy had suffered ill health for some time and he will be sadly missed by all League Players.  Our condolences go to all his surviving family.

His funeral is on Tuesday 19th February at 11:30am, at Morriston Crematorium.

1st January 2019

New President Selected - Dennis Bromage

Following the sad death of Betty Gray last year it was necessary to open her post as President of the Swansea and District Table Tennis League to nominations for her replacement.

We are pleased to announce that Dennis Bromage has been nominated and accepted as our new President.

Congratulations to Dennis and thank you to all our members who participated in this process.

22nd December 2018

Final Matches of 2018 - Roll on 2019.

With the last of the matches played in 2018, I am sure we are all looking forward to the Christmas Break.

So just a quick Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday to you all and a very Happy New Year for 2019.

Stan Eastwood,

Chairman, Swansea & District Table Tennis League.

21st November 2018

Memorial Cup Round 2 Draw now available.

The draw for the 2nd Round of the Memorial Cup can be found on our Competitions page.

1st October 2018

New Team added to Division 2

TATA Port Talbot have succeeded in raising a new team to go into Division 2 raising its overall number of Teams to 10.  All the new details and other amendments have been added to the Handbook and to its offshoot the Fixtures pdf and are available on the ‘Competitions’ page.

10th September 2018

League Hand Book & Divisions for 2018/19 now available

The Handbook and Divisional List is now available on the ‘Competitions Page’.  The Handbooks will be issued to Team Secretary’s on Monday 24th September 2018 at their meeting at the Dockers Club in Swansea.  Team Secretaries/Captains should be present to collect their 2018/19 Handbooks.

12th August 2018

Betty Gray (Death)

It is with sadness that I report the death of our President and Penlan Community Club Leader, Betty Gray.  She died at Singleton Hospital, Swansea after a short illness.  Betty was well known and loved throughout the world of Table Tennis and will be missed by all.

At the time of writing the details of her funeral are unknown but I hope to  add these as they become apparent.

10th May 2018

League finished for summer

The ‘League’ has now finished (bar a few outstanding matches.  It will resume again in October 2018.

Now is an ideal time to join a Club and get yourself into a Team ready for the new Season.  Teams/Clubs will have to enter their Team(s) before the 31st July 2018 but Players can be added after this date.  

If you are looking to join a Club or Team then visit the ‘Clubs’ page and contact one of the Club Leaders.

9th May 2018

AGM Date announced

The date for the 2018 Annual General Meeting has been set for Monday 11th June 2018 t 7:30pm, Dockers Club, St. Thomas. Swansea. SA1 8BT.

A representative from each Team in the League is required to attend.

29th April 2018

Swansea Closed Competition Results

The results of the Swansea Closed Competition 2018 are now available and can be found on the Results page of this site..

23rd March 2018

Date Changes for Swansea Closed Competition

The date for the 2018 Swansea Closed has changed and all competitions are now all on Saturday 28th April 2018.  

The Event Organisers have posted the following statement:

The Swansea Closed 2018 will now be held only on SATURDAY 28th April. The hard back event has unfortunately been cancelled. Entry fees will be refunded at the tournament. The under 11 event is also cancelled and the under 13 event will be played at 10.30am. The cadets, juniors and junior doubles will be played later in the day as players are available. Apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment that this has caused.

THE DRAW - the draw for the Swansea Closed 2018 has been made and you can see/download them here:

10th March 2018 - Semi Final of the Memorial Cup Results are now available.  The last 2 Teams are in the Final….

The Semi Final Results of the Memorial Cup is available here.  The last two teams - Cam Gears D and Penyrheol D -  will play on a date to be decided.

18th January 2018 - 3rd Round Draw for the Memorial Cup now available

The 3rd Round Draw has been made and is available here.  We are down to the last 8 (Quarter Finals) with 3 teams from Cam Gears, 2 teams for Penlan and 2 from Penyrheol and 1 from TATA Port Talbot.  Good Luck to all.

November 2017 - Could you be playing in Germany?

Lara Whitton and Grace Clement have returned from China after an exciting and hard working stay.  Lara reports that “China was unbelievable!!! We trained for 10days, 3 sessions a day. The first session would be 9:30 until 12:00 then 2:30 until 5:00. We had multi ball everyday and then we would train with the Chinese practice partners for another session. 

It was hard getting used to the food that they ate because it was very repetitive. Every day the courses would be served with plain sticky rice and another meaty dish. We never really knew what we were eating because none of the waiters could speak much English. 

Some people would come across rude but some others were very kind. The roads were hectic and the traffic lights would turn red but motorbikes would still be buzzing past you! 

It was an incredible place and I have never seen such a developed country. There were two sides to the country there were rich people and poor people. There was a big difference between the two. The markets were busy and the Chinese would take every chance they got to make you buy something.  We saw the centre of Shanghai and took lots of photos of the Pearl Tower. 

Overall I had an amazing time training a once in a life time experience I’ll never forget!!! 

Thank you!!! “.

November 2017 - Could you be playing in Germany?

Alex Straub is looking to forge a relationship with the Swansea League when he goes back to Germany.  Alex currently plays for Cam Gears and is keen  to forge good relationships between his Cub/League in Germany and our League in Wales.

He has prepared a flyer which can can be found on the ‘Competitions’ page of this website.

Why not have a read and see if you can go over to Germany in the near future.

20th November 2017 - Memorial Knockout Cup - Round 2 Draw

The 2nd  Round Draw for the Memorial Knockout Cup Competition has been drawn and published.  You can find it on the ‘Competitions’ Menu.

23rd October 2017 - Memorial Knockout Cup - Round 1 Draw

The 1st Round Draw for the Memorial Knockout Cup Competition has been drawn and published.  You can find it on the ‘Competitions’ Menu.

13th September 2017

The League Season has started and Teams in all Divisions have been playing since Monday 9th October 2017.  Early results show a win for new team Carmarthen F putting them at the top of Division 2 - not for long maybe!

1st September 2017

2017/18 League to Start 2nd week of October 2017.

The new League Season will commence the second week of October 2017 - week commencing Monday 10th October.  The League Fixtures will be given out at the Secretaries Meeting to take place on Monday 25th September 2017 at the Dockers Club, St. Thomas, Swansea.  Early views of the Divisions can be seen here.

26th June 2017

Swansea AGM and Photographs.

The League’s AGM was held on the 26th June 2017.  There were no changes to the Rules and all Officers and Committee Members were re-elected by those present.  

The photographs from the AGM are on this site [here] and on flickr at  https://www.flickr.com/photos/staneastwood/albums

7th May 2017

Penlan P win Tudor Jones/Team of Three title.

Penlan M played Penlan P on Sunday 7th - at Penlan.  Penlan M had to give away 5 points handicap to Penlan P who won easily on night as Penlan M players lost their confidence. Photographs on these pages (1) and more on (2)


All matches in the Handicap Competition and the League have now been concluded and we welcome the opportunity to pit our wits and skills against our fellow players again in October 2017.

The Swansea Table Tennis League will be held on Monday the 26th June 2017 at the Dockers Club.  7:30pm start.

29th April 2017

Carmarthen ‘E’ win the Division 1 title.

Carmarthen ‘E’ have secured the Division 1 Tile with an  48 point margin. Second place Jerusalem Baptist Church will now be promoted to the Premier Division along with Carmarthen ’E’.  Port Talbot ‘A’ missed out on promotion by 20 points regardless of a late flurry.

At the bottom of the 1st Division Port Talbot ’B’ have been relegated to the 2nd Division along with Penlan ‘H’.  Both teams still have to play each other but even if Penlan ‘H’ gained 30 points they still cannot catch Penyrheol ‘C’ who are in number 10 place in the Division.

14th April 2017

Battle is on for the

Currently, Jerusalem Baptist Church are in 1st place with 483 points. However, they have finished all their matches and Carmarthen ‘E’ (481 points) are only 2 points behind them with 2 matches still to play.  It seems inevitable that Carmarthen E will therefore win the title race but you know what they say about counting ‘chickens’.

The third place is also still up for grabs as Betws Ruby Club ‘B’ are in third spot with 416 points and, they too, have played all their games.  Carmarthen ‘D’ are in fourth place but again have two matches still to play, and, with 396 points they only need 21 points from 2 matches to lay claim to the third spot.

At the bottom of Division 1 its too close to call for the eventual teams that will be relegated.  Both Penlan ‘H’ and TATA Port Talbot ‘B’ are in the bottom places (11 and 12 respectively).  However, both have games in hand and could make a fight of it with Penlan ‘G’ who are third from bottom.

In the Second Division Penyrheol D have won the tile.  They cannot be caught by Penlan ‘L’ who will take 2nd place.  Carmarthen ‘F; are currently in 5th place but have 4 games yet to play.  Penlan ‘K’ are currently in 3rd spot and could ‘arithmetically’ just be piped at the 3rd post by Carmarthen ‘F’.

However, that would mean Carmarthen ‘F’ having to take 30 points from each of their remaining matches and realistically Penlan ‘K’ will maintain their 3rd place.  But …….. Let’s wait and see.

5th April 2017

Penlan C win Premier title.

Penlan C has won the title for Season 2016/17.  There is still one match left for Penlan A who are in 2nd place, but even if the gain 30 points from that match they cannot catch Penlan C. Carmarthen A have come 3rd.  Full results on the Results page of this site.

19th March 2017


The Swansea Closed took place on the 17th and 18th March 2016.  It was, as usual, an exciting event with all players playing their best in order to reach, and win, if possible, their respective Finals.

Marc Castro had a good competition winning the Men’s Singles; the Men’s Doubles (in partnership with Tommy Hayden); the Mixed Doubles (in partnership with Lydia John); the Junior Singles and the Junior Doubles (in partnership with Jacob Young).

The Full Results are on a single PDF sheet in the ‘Results’ Page of this website or by competition

9th March 2017


The Draw for the Swansea Closed is now available on the Competitions page of this site.

2nd February 2017


The entry form for the Swansea Closed Competition (17th and 18th March 2017) is now available on the Competitions page of this site.

20th January 2017

David James, Uplands, Swansea.

It is with sadness that I report the death of David James.  David was a long time member of the Swansea League and played with Mary Wilkins and Gaynor Griffiths in a team based at Dillwyn Llewellyn club.   Dillwyn Llewellyn is no longer a table tennis venue and the members have joined other clubs including Penyrheol but David had stopped playing to care for his wife.  I understand David had a sudden heart attack which caused his demise.

Our condolences go to David’s wife and Family.

17th December 2016

Christmas and New Year break.

League competition has now finished for 2016 with a break for Christmas and the New Year.  The League will resume on week commencing Monday 2nd January 2017.

May we wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

10th December 2016

SWANSEA CLOSED 2017 - Date for your diary

The date of the 2017 Swansea Closed Table Tennis competition has been announced.  The Competition will be on Friday 17th March and Saturday 18th March 2017.  It is to be held at Morriston Leisure Centre, Swansea.

Entry forms will be issued closer to the date and will be available on this site via the ‘Competitions’ page.

23rd November 20

2nd round of the Tudor Jones/Team of Three Cup Announced

The 2nd round draw for the handicapped tournament has been drawn and is available on the Competitions page of this site.

29th October 2016

1st round of the Tudor Jones/Team of Three Cup Announced

The 1st round draw for the handicapped tournament has been drawn and is available on the Competitions page of this site.

15th October 2016

The 2016/17 Season is now in full swing

This week has seen the start of the 2016/17 Season with all Clubs participating in their first matches.  The season will have a natural break for Christmas for weeks commencing Mondays 20th and 27th December 2016.

30th September 2016:

Fixture List and Handbook for 2016/17 Season

All Handbooks have been handed out to Team Captains.  Have you got yours?  An updated copy is available on the ‘Competitions’ menu tab.

1st September 2016:

Fixture List and Handbook for 2016/17 Season

The 2016/17 Handbook is now available on the Competitions tab.  A ‘Fixture List’ as been extracted to make your life easier in determining who you will be playing and when.  Also extracted is a separate copy of the Constitution and Rules as updated by the AGM of June 2016.

20th June 2016

Annual General Meeting:

A lively debate ensued at the Annual General Meeting where numerous proposals to change the ‘League Rules’ had been proposed.  Those proposals by Doug Smith of Cam Gears were either defeated or withdrawn following a promise by the Chairman that proposals would be placed before the next AGM to ‘regularise’ the Management Committee’s current stance on teams gaining promotion having to play in the higher division for a minimum of one season.

The proposal to amend the Rules to allow the Chairman to constitute the Disciplinary Committee and/or Appeals Committee was accepted unanimously.  This was simply to ‘clean up’ Rules which did not ‘scan’ correctly.

However, two further proposed Rule changes were debated at length before both being agreed by majority vote.  These were:

1) to clarify and strengthen the rule on ‘playing up’.  Players are now restricted to playing a maximum up for 5 matches for a Team in a higher Division or of 10 matches for playing for multiple Teams in a Higher Division.

2) to clarify and strengthen the rule around the cancellation of Matches. Teams must not only get authority for the cancellation they must also have agreed a replacement date prior to getting authority to cancel from the Divisional Representative.  Additionally, failure to follow the rule may now result in a loss (fine) of points for their failure to follow the new procedure.

30th April 2016

Carmarthen ‘F’ take Division 2 title

Carmarthen ‘F’ have taken the Division 2 title with a total of 511 points, 38 more than their nearest rivals Penlan ‘L’ who take second spot.  

The last Carmarthen ‘F’ match was against Penlan ‘H’ who were looking for 20 points to be sure of second spot but with only 16 they loose out by just 4 points (3 for a draw for second spot) and have ended up in third spot.  

Ryan Trigg from Carmarthen ‘F’ also takes the top spot in the Divisional Averages.  

23rd April 2016

Penlan ‘F’ take the Division 1 title.  

Penlan ‘F’ took first spot ion the First Division with a game to spare.  The team of Tony Holt, Sammi Jabber and Colin Towell are looking forward to promotion to the Premier Division for season 2016/17.

The title race for Division 2 is still ongoing.

16th April 2016


I am sad to report that news has come through stating that Anthony died suddenly either late yesterday or early this morning.  I have no further information at this time but I will update this items as I receive more information.

10th April 2016


It is our sad duty to report the death of Jeff Parsons, a long standing member of our Club and a long standing League player.  Full report here.  Our sympathies are extended to Janice and their children.  Jeff’s funeral will be held at 10:30 am on Friday 22nd April 2016.  The service will be at the Greenfield Chapel, which is on the corner of Murray Street (opposite corner to the Llanelli cinema) at the junction of the A4214 and B4304; at 10:30 am.  Jeff will be buried at 11:30am at the Llanelli District Cemetery (also known as the “Box Cemetery”).


Teams in Division 1 and Division 2 are moving towards the last week of the 2015/16 Season.  However, some Teams have one, two or multiply rearranged games to go which has made it difficult (in the 2nd Division) to confirm which team will Win and which will be Runner Up.

Teams with outstanding matches are urged to get them played within 2 weeks of the end of the season.

2nd April 2016


In a tremendous final week, Penlan A retained the Premier Championship by just three points with a 27-4 win over Tata Port Talbot A.  Marc Castro becomes Top Player following his 9-0 win and was well supported by Tommy Heydon's 9-1.  (The table on the results page shows Dean Cundy as top of the averages but he did not play sufficient games to qualify for the ‘cup’ winners spot).

Cam Gears A are runners up with a 25-17 win over Penlan B thanks to Morgan Siddley and Ceri Higgon both winning 9-4.  Carmarthen A finished one point behind in third place with a 27-11 win over Carmarthen B. Jason Peckham 9-2 and David Lloyd 9-3 for A.

Betws A have to settle for fourth spot following their 27-7 defeat of Carmarthen D with Catherine Jones 9-0 and Nigel Stopher 9-3.  And, as can be seen,here only seven points separated the top four teams in the closest finish for many years.

Penyrheol A recorded the biggest win of the week beating Penlan D 28-9 thanks to Dennis Bromage 9-1 and Simon Mitcheson 9-2.  Carmarthen C also finished well with a 26-9 win over Penlan C. N Hulme winning 9-1.

Tata Port Talbot A and Carmarthen D will be the two teams relegated.

The premier Division has finished two weeks earlier than planned because they were able to matches forward on to the ‘cup’ weeks when no Premier Teams were playing.  

Division 1 and 2 still have 2 weeks to play with a completion date due on the 16th April 2016 (excluding postponed games).

5th March 2016


The final of the Tudor Jones/Team of Three Handicap Cup will be on the 19th April 2016 and is to be held at Carmarthen Leisure Centre after Carmarthen won the toss of a coin to land a home match (start time 7pm).  The final is between Carmarthen ‘E’ and Penlan ‘F’.  Table setup will be at 7pm and space will be provided for spectators.

13th February 2016


The ‘Semi Finals’ draw of the Tudor Jones Cup has been announced.  Find the draw on the ‘Competitions’ menu tab.

9th January 2016


The draw is now available on the ‘Competitions’ menu page of this site.

7th January 2016:

Swansea Closed 2016

The entry form for the Swansea Table Tennis Championship is now available on the ‘Competitions’ menu tab above.  Please return all entries to Mary Wilkins on or before Friday 5th February 2016.

21st November 2015

Swansea Closed 2016

The dates for the Swansea Closed Competition (2016) will be 19th and 20th February 2016.

17th October 2015:

Manselton Club pull out of league.

Manselton Table Tennis Club have had to pull out of the League. However the residue of the team have combined with Port Talbot players to put in a substitute Team named Port Talbot  D.  The Secretary of the Team will be Phil Hill who’s details are on the Club/Port Talbot page.

5th October 2015:


The new League Season starts this week.  With teams in the final throws of preparation and some matches already played by the time you read this, players are gearing up to challenge and be challenged.

Good Luck to you all.

8th May 2015


The Team of Three final was held on Friday 8th May 2015 at Cam Gears Sports Centre, Resolven, Neath.

The finalists were Cam Gears C (Div 1) and Penlan F (Div 1), and following an exciting match Cam Gears came out on top.

1st May 2015


The Annual General Meeting of the Swansea and District Table League will be held on 22nd June 2015 starting at 7.30pm.  The meeting venue will be the Dockers Club, St. Thomas, Swansea.

As per Rule 19 of the Constitution, any Teams who wish to put forward a proposal to change the Constitution must do so at least 28 days prior to the AGM.  

19th April 2015.

At the formal end to the season Penlan A were on equal points with Penlan B but with a game in hand.  Consequently, they had only to gain 1 point form their last (re-arranged) match against Carmarthen A.

This match was played on Sunday 19th May at Penlan, Swansea.

Penlan A easily beat Carmarthen A and formalised their win. Congratulations to all members of the team.

13th April 2015

The ‘called for’ Extraordinary General Meeting was held on Monday 13th April 2015.

There was only one item on the agenda - that to consider the reinstatement of the Premier League being held on a weekly basis at a central venue.

A total of 26 teams (out of a possible 33 teams) were represented at the meeting.

After an impassioned debate from both side the votes cast were:

-FOR = 18


- Abstention = 2

As a consequence, the Premier Division will continue to meet weekly at Morriston Leisure Centre for the 2015-16 season onwards - unless there is another change proposed!!

17th March 2015

Betty on the mend.

We have heard that Betty is making a positive recovery after her bad falls in February.  She is not yet up to attending Penlan Club but is on the way to recovery.

We wish her well.

Stan Eastwood,


February 2015

Betty Gray falls.

We have heard that our President, Betty Gray, has had 2 bad falls outside her home.  These have caused her to have to receive specialist help from carers.  She has not been at the Club for some weeks and Roy Towel has taken the helm for the time being.

We wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.

Stan Eastwood,


October 2014

2014/15 League has started with three Divisions/33 teams.  More news on the scores can be found under the Results tab.

16th June 2014

Annual General Meeting

See the full story on the right hand side of this page.

Swansea Table Tennis Web site announced.  The new website for the Swansea Table tennis League had been build and piloted during the summer 2014.  Its existence was announced to the members at the AGM.  Club Leaders were asked to contribute text and pictures for their individual pages on the site.

9th May 2014

Team Of Three Winners - Llanelli Table Tennis Club

Friday night, 9th May, saw the final of the Tudor Jones Cup between Llanelli and Dillwyn Llewelyn 'B' who received a nine point handicap.

The match started with Steve Davies of Llanelli beating Mary Wilkins 2-0. Gaynor Griffiths of Dillwyn then took the second game 2-1 followed by Mary Wilkins who put Dillwyn into a slim lead with a 2-0 victory. Gaynor Griffiths further extended Dillwyn's lead with an exciting 2-1 victory over Steve Davies.

Alan Pattle fought back to put Llanelli on level terms but Gaynor Griffiths came up trumps again in her game with a thrilling 2-1 victory to edge Dillwyn back into a narrow lead. This gave Mary Wilkins strength and she played an excellent game beating Alan Pattle 2-0 to extend Dillwyn's

lead to three games with two matches to play.

Llanelli won the next game 2-0 through Steve Davies setting the match up with a last game decider between Derek Summers and Dave James of Dillwyn. Derek took the first game but had to struggle against a dogged Dave before taking the second game 22-20 to secure a narrow 11-10 victory for Llanelli in what was an enjoyable and close fought match.

Congratulations to both sides and in particular Gaynor Griffiths of Dillwyn who won 6-3.

30th April 2014

The 2013/14 season has now come to an end. Congratulations to the winners:

Premier Division Winners are:  PENLAN A

First Division Winners are:     TATA PORT TALBOT B

Second Division Winners are:  AMMANFORD B

(See the latest league tables here)

Welcome to the home page of the Swansea and District Table Tennis League (STTL). As might be expected from our name, the League covers all of the Swansea area but also extends from Port Talbot in the east to Llanelli and Carmarthen in the west and Neath and Resolven in the north.  

The League is formed by a group of local Clubs joining together to play each other in organised competition.

The League currently has three Divisions each with spaces for twelve teams.  These are the:

- Premier Division - play all matches in a central venue in Morriston, Swansea

- First Division - play all matches on a ‘home and away’ basis

- Second Division - play all matches on a ‘home and away’ basis

If you are an individual and would like to play in our League please have a look at the Club page and find one close to you or one that suites your style of play.

If you are involved in organising a Club and want your team to join the League please use the Contact page to make contact with us.


—– CLUBS —–

There are 25 Teams playing in the Swansea Table Tennis League during 2021/22. This number is down from the 2019/20 season  because of COVID. These all, currently, come from 5 Clubs.  These Clubs are based in:






You can find Club details on the

CLUBS Page of this website.

Catherine Jones gets the Over 40’s win in the

recent Welsh Closed.

Congratulations Cath.

Susccess for Cath